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Using view only mode

View only mode keeps anyone but you from adding, moving or editing content on your canvas.

View only mode prevents other collaborators from adding, editing or deleting items on your canvas. users with "manage" permissions can still add and edit content, but when view only mode is enabled other canvas users are limited to only viewing the canvas' content. Users are still able to contribute in QuickShare when view-only mode is turned on.

You must have manage permissions to turn on the view only mode.

Turn on view only from:

  • The Span web client using a certified mobile browser
  • The Span web client using a certified computer browser
  • Span Workspace wall client

Turn on view only mode

  1. Click the Controls icon from the add tools menu on the left of the canvas
  2. Click the View only toggle to restrict users without manage permissions from editing or adding content to the canvas
When view only mode is on, an ON symbol will appear over the Controls menu icon:
All users on the canvas will be able to see this icon until a user with manage permissions turns off view-only mode.  
  1. Turn off view only mode by going to Controls, and sliding the View only toggle the other way

View only mode will stay on until it is turned off by a user with manage permissions.

Last update: October 29, 2017

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