Inserting or deleting space in a canvas ►

Learn two ways to insert space in a canvas and how to delete it.

Insert extra work space in your canvas wherever you need it, or insert additional workspace to the end of your canvas. If your canvas is getting too long, or you have too much space between objects, choose to remove space.

Insert or delete space in your canvas from

  • The Span web client using a certified mobile browser
  • The Span web client using a certified computer browser
  • Span Workspace wall client

Inserting and deleting space at a specific place on the canvas

  1. Press and hold your finger or stylus on the canvas background to bring up the dwell menu (right-click for browsers)
  2. Tap the + symbol to insert space. This will move all of the content to the right. Tap the + symbol as often as needed to insert more space.


To remove space, click the symbol. The space will be deleted to the left, moving any objects on that space to the left on the canvas. Objects that overlap can be dragged into new locations on the canvas.  

To delete more space, click the symbol multiple times.   

Insert space to the end of your canvas

From the wall, it's easy to insert space to the end of your canvas. This method inserts more space all at once more so than the above techniques and is helpful when you run out of room.

  1. Scroll to the very end of your canvas until a blue bar appears
  2. Drag out the blue bar until the + sign is visible
  3. Press the + sign on the blue bar to insert space to the end of your canvas


Last updated: March 11, 2018

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