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Enabling QuickShare on your canvas ►

How to turn on QuickShare and then how to end your QuickShare session.

QuickShare is an easy way for anyone, even someone without a user account, to contribute notes and images to a canvas from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. You must have manage permissions to enable QuickShare.

Keep in mind, QuickShare sessions remain active until you end your QuickShare session.

Enable QuickShare from

  • The Span web client using a certified mobile browser
  • The Span web client using a certified computer browser
  • Span Workspace wall client

Enable QuickShare

  1. Open the Controls drawer. From mobile browsers, first click the + icon to open the tools menu.
  1. Tap the QuickShare toggle to turn on QuickShare

End your QuickShare session

Closing the canvas or logging out of Span software will not end your QuickShare session. The access code remains valid even after you log out. To end your QuickShare session, you must turn off QuickShare. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Open the Controls drawer. From mobile browsers, first click the + icon to open the tools menu.
  2. Tap the QuickShare toggle to turn off QuickShare

From the QuickShare group
  1. Click the three-dot menu on the QuickShare group

You can also access the three-dot menu by right-clicking the group on the web, or pressing and holding in the wall software.

  1. Select Turn off QuickShare

  1. Confirm by pressing Turn off

Once QuickShare has been turned off the blue counter will disappear from the top of the QuickShare group. The QuickShare content within the group will remain. 

To learn more about QuickShare, go to Using QuickShare.

To learn how to pin, duplicate, delete, or clear content for a QuickShare container, see the Creating groups article.

Last updated: October 3, 2019

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