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Screen sharing

Share your screen on a canvas and stop sharing. Resize, pin and re-locate your screen share on the canvas.

Screen share uses a Chrome™ extension and is not available for other browsers or mobile devices. If you're having trouble using screen share, see our troubleshooting article.

Start screen share

  1. Click Screen share in the menu on the left of your canvas
  1. Click Start sharing
  1. Choose to share your entire screen, or a specific application by going to the Your entire screen or Application window tab

  1. Select which application to share by clicking on the displayed image
  2. Click Share. The selected screen or application will appear on the canvas. The shared screen will also appear in the screen share drawer.

Users on other computers can screen share onto the same canvas

Stop sharing

  1. Remove your screen share from the canvas by selecting Remove from canvas from the three-dot menu, or from the canvas in the screen share drawer
Removal from canvas will send the screen share to the screen share drawer. It can be added again to the canvas by clicking the Add to canvas button.

You can also access the three-dot menu by right-clicking the screen share on the web, or pressing and holding in the wall software.

  1. Stop sharing entirely by clicking Stop sharing from the Screen share drawer, or selecting it from the three-dot menu

Take a screen capture

Take a screen capture of the shared screen by clicking the capture icon from the quick tools bar, or selecting Capture from the three-dot menu. The captured image will be added as an image to the canvas (see Editing images).

Pin the screen share

  1. Click the pin icon    from the quick tools bar, or select Pin from the three-dot menu to attach the image to the canvas background and prevent it from being moved
  2. To undo pinning, open the menu again and select Unpin

Resize the screen share

On the web

Tap on the screen share and use the resize handle to drag it to the desired size.

On the wall
Screen shares can be resized on the wall by any of the following methods:

  • Use the same gesture you would use to zoom in and out on an image using a touch screen
  • Click the increase   or decrease   icons to change the image's size
  • Click the number between the increase and decrease icons and type in a scale for the image (minimum 100, maximum 400)

Find on canvas

Locate your screen share on the canvas by opening the screen share drawer and clicking Find on canvas. The canvas will automatically pan until the screen share comes into view.

Last updated: March 5, 2019

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