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  1. Creating your account

    Learn how to create and log in to your Span Workspace account.

  2. Creating a canvas

    Name your canvas, change it's background and set an overlay.

  3. Sharing your canvas ►

    Share your canvas with other Span Workspace users within your subscription and set their canvas roles.

  4. Sharing your canvas with a guest

    Invite a guest who doesn't have a Span Workspace subscription to view and contribute to your canvas.

  5. Creating a note

    Create, draw on, edit, pin, duplicate, delete and add hyperlinks to notes.

  6. Importing an image

    Import a .jpg or .png image into your canvas. Draw on, rotate, resize, pin and duplicate your image.

  7. Importing a PDF

    Import a single or multi-paged PDF document into a canvas. Draw on, duplicate, resize or pin the PDF.

  8. Creating a sketch

    Add, draw on, duplicate, resize, pin or add a hyperlink to a sketch.

  9. Creating a text box

    Add, edit, duplicate, resize, pin or add a hyperlink to a text box.

  10. Creating groups

    Create groups and subgroups (groups within groups). Also, edit, pin, duplicate, colorize and add hyperlinks to the groups.

  11. Creating and updating Jira® issues from your canvas

    Use notes or groups to create Jira issues in your Jira account.

  12. TIP: Canvas shortcuts

    Work efficiently with navigation tricks, multiple notes shortcut, undo/redo and more.

  13. Editing a flip chart

    Edit existing flip charts on your old canvas. It is no longer possible to add new flip charts to canvases.

  14. Creating your own template ►

    Create your own template. Import the image, add subgroups and colorize the groups. Draw on and pin your template.

  15. Tip: Choosing an image for your template

    Tips for choosing the size, format and colors of your image. Also, ideas for where to get an image for your template.

  16. Adding a hyperlink

    How to add or remove hyperlinks on your canvas content.

  17. Tip: Using hyperlinks to join team meetings

    Help your canvas viewers join a meeting by adding the meeting hyperlink to the canvas.

  18. Tip: Using hyperlinks to link canvases

    Add another canvas' URL to send users from one canvas to another.

  19. Screen sharing

    Share your screen on a canvas and stop sharing. Resize, pin and re-locate your screen share on the canvas.

  20. Using the screen capture function on the wall

    Take a screen capture of your applications view, screen share or PDFs on a canvas.

  21. Using full-screen mode

    Toggle full-screen mode on and off from anywhere in the web client

  22. Exporting a canvas

    Export a canvas via email as an Excel™ file or PDF.

  23. Inserting or deleting space in a canvas ►

    Learn two ways to insert space in a canvas and how to delete it.

  24. Lock panning at the wall

    Turn on lock panning to keep all viewers at the same spot on the canvas.

  25. Using follow me ►

    Turn on follow me to highlight the section of the canvas you're presenting from.

  26. Using view only mode

    View only mode keeps anyone but you from adding, moving or editing content on your canvas.

  27. Copying and pasting onto the canvas

    Copy and paste images and text into the web client.

  28. Using desktop applications while using Span Workspace

    Bring other applications forward and insert screenshots of them into the wall client.

  29. Using undo and redo

    Use the web client's undo and redo shortcuts on either Windows® or macOS®.

  30. Adding a bookmark to your mobile home screen ►

    Add Span Workspace as a bookmark to your mobile phone so you can access it with a single tap.

  31. Adding Power Point slides to your canvas

    Import Microsoft® PowerPoint™ slides to your canvas by importing them as images or PDFs.

  32. Organizing your canvases

    Learn how to tag or star your canvas to find them easily on your canvases page.

  33. Creating a version of your canvas

    Create a view-only version of your canvas to keep as a backup or share with others.

  34. Duplicating your canvas

    Create two versions of the same canvas. Choose whether or not to include users and tags.

  35. Archiving and deleting canvases

    Send canvases to the archive drawer or delete them altogether.

  36. Adding individual user accounts

    Add users to a subscription one at a time.

  37. Batch uploading user accounts

    Add multiple users at a time by uploading a .csv or .txt file.

  38. Batch uploading group accounts

    Add groups of users by uploading a .csv or .txt file.

  39. Changing a user's role

    Change the role of a guest or user to user, admin and user, or just admin.

  40. Using SSO (single sign-on) with Span Workspace

    What to expect when using SSO to log into your account.

  41. Adding and removing administrator accounts

    All subscriptions for Span™ Workspace require an administrator

  42. Creating and managing user groups

    Within Span Workspace, administrators have the ability to create user groups

  43. Changing or resetting your password

    Change or reset your Span Workspace password.

  44. Editing user names

    Edit user names within the web client.

  45. Removing user and admin accounts

    Remove users from a Span Workspace subscription.

  46. Logging out

    Log out of the web client or the wall client.

  47. Turning off external sharing in your subscription

    Turn external sharing off so users can only share canvases within their subscription.

  48. Switching subscription regions

    If you're a part of multiple subscriptions you can change which subscription you're viewing.

  49. Sample canvases

    View sample canvases for both business and education purposes.

  50. Share your canvas across subscriptions

    Sharing a canvas across a subscription only takes another user's email address.

  51. How to use Nureva™ Span™ Workspace with Microsoft® Surface Hub™

  52. Enabling QuickShare on your canvas

    How to turn on QuickShare and then how to end your QuickShare session.

  53. Setting up SSO (single sign-on)

    Set up your SSO provider, verify your domain, and add users for single sign-on.

  54. Adding templates

    Add templates to a canvas. Edit, pin, duplicate and add a hyperlink to a template.

  55. Using QuickShare

    How to join a QuickShare session using a QR code or the 9-digit number. Share notes and images to the QuickShare group.

  56. Using Connectors

    Create and delete connectors between notes on a canvas - Web client (browser) only

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