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Important notice – Span Workspace requires Windows 10

Following the latest update to Span Workspace on Sunday March 10, 2019, the following issue was brought to our attention: customers running the wall client on unsupported versions of Windows™ (Windows 7/8) may encounter errors when opening canvases that were created before the latest release.

If you are seeing the Windows error “an error has occurred and application must close” when you try to open a Span Workspace canvas using the wall client, we recommend that you update to Window 10.

The latest update to Span Workspace also requires a Windows framework of .NET 4.7 or higher. If your Windows operating system is using an older framework, we recommend you get the latest Windows updates and ensure that you have installed .NET 4.7 or higher.

To update your .NET framework

To update your Windows operating system to the latest framework, make sure your Windows system is up to date.

If you’re not sure which .NET your system is using, locate your Windows update history. The update history will show which version of Windows is installed on the computer. See the Microsoft® .NET Framework versions and dependencies article to figure out which .NET version corresponds to your Windows version.

For more information on the operating system requirements for the Nureva Wall system, see our technical requirements article. Work continues to resolve all known issues and minimize their impact on the use of Span Workspace. For further help, contact us at support@nureva.com.

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