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November 18, 2018 – R11 Software update

  We are done our update and new features have been added to Span™ Workspace. The following new features are now available:

  • Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory®: For organizations that use Azure Active Directory for identity management, Span Workspace now supports single sign-on capability. Once linked to an Azure Active Directory, users will be able to access their account via the same single sign-on action they use to access other applications.
  • Global region management: Users no longer have to select a region at login. Span Workspace recognizes where a subscription originates from and automatically logs users in to the correct region. Once logged in, users with subscriptions in multiple regions can access their subscriptions and canvases in other regions.
  • Adding content to a canvas: Content can now be added directly to a chosen location on the canvas. Access the dwell menu by right-clicking on the web app, or touching and holding using the wall software. Users can then select items to add, which will appear on the canvas at that particular location.
  • Interface Refresh: Improvements to the text, icons and parts of the menu layout were made to enhance the look and usability of Span Workspace and the Web interface
  • More colors for notes and groups: Users will now have 24 colors to choose from for notes and groups. The increase from 10 to 24 colors allows greater flexibility in organization and color coding content on a canvas.

Please note

  • The feature for creating a flip chart has been removed. All existing flip charts will remain as part of the canvas and work as they previously did. Once deleted, a flip chart cannot be restored and there will be no option to create a new one.
  • Updates for users of Span Workspace in the web client require no user action. The updates will occur automatically upon login.

Known issues:

  • For MacOS® users, when a new user receives a welcome email and clicks the invite link with Safari® as the default browser, Safari will open to the Span Workspace login page instead of the create your account page. To work around this issue, the user can copy the link from the email and paste it directly into their Safari browser.

Further information and instructional documentation, including animated GIFs, are available on our customer support portal or through Guide Me within Span Workspace. If you have questions regarding the update process or features in Span Workspace, please contact us at support@nureva.com. 

Please also check out our new blog on the Single Sign-on (SSO) feature.

Thanks for using Span Workspace!

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