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July 22, 2018 – R10 software update

We have updated Span™ software. With the latest update, the following are some of the new features that are now available:

  • Follow me – The follow me feature helps users focus on the same canvas location the presenter is focused on. Follow me automatically pans the canvas on everyone’s device when the presenter pans on their own device. Additionally, the presenter’s touches on the canvas will be shown on everyone’s canvas view to emphasize what canvas content is being discussed. Objects will also be highlighted when the presenter selects them.
  • Guide me – Guide me offers tutorials for new users, introducing how to create a canvas and add content. For regular users, the feature offers walkthroughs for the more complex features in Span Workspace, such as creating a custom template.
  • QuickShare join session QR code – When QuickShare is turned on, a QuickShare badge icon will appear on the canvas main menu. Click or tap on this icon to show the QuickShare session’s QR code and nine-digit number.
  • Visual redesign – Usability improvements have been made to the canvas view. The QuickShare toggle has been moved to the controls drawer on the wall, where the follow me icon will also be located. Also, feature badge icons have been added, along with a redesign of scroll bars and keyboard sizes.

Span Workspace will auto-update on the first login after the update. An auto-update dialog will guide users through the process, which should take less than a minute.

Please note:

  • Guide me is only supported on Chrome on a PC, and Chrome and Safari on MacOS. It is not available on Wall or mobile operating systems.
  • Guide me will not work if third-party cookies are blocked in your browser. Instead, clicking on the help symbol will send the user to the Nureva support site.

Known issues:

  • On occasion, groups do not capture items properly. When the group is moved, the items may be left behind. This scenario has happened when resizing the group to capture the items, and also when items are placed into a group. This issue only occurs in the web app.
  • When two users attempt to move the same note at the same time on the same device, the note may relocate to a different place on the canvas. This issue only occurs with the Span Workspace wall software.

Work continues to resolve all known issues and minimize their impact on the use of Span Workspace. If you have questions regarding the update process or features in Span Workspace, please contact us at support@nureva.com. Further information and instructional documentation, including animated GIFs, are available on our customer support portal.

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