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Using the Nureva support site

Nureva support site hierarchy.pdf

Using the table of contents

To make sure you can skim through this walkthrough quickly we're going to first learn how to use the TOC.

Try clicking on the text Bottom of page in the list of headers on the left on this page (for mobile, this TOC will appear at the top of the page).

Installation documents

Most of the documents you'll need for installation will be in the installation category on our hardware product pages:

Clicking on the installation category will provide you with documents every installer should have on-hand, including

  • Installation drawings
  • Installation guides
  • Setup instructions
  • User manuals


The downloads page is available on the support home page and also within any product page.

If you can't find the download you're looking for, try using the search field at the top of any page.

Using the search

The search tool is your best resource for finding an answer fast.

Click the links in the popular topics section if you see one that might help.


The search function is your best tool for troubleshooting your system. Type in a few key words and the search will show the articles related to your problem.

Alternatively, look through the Troubleshooting and FAQs category on the product page.

If you can't find your issue, email support@nureva.com for assistance.

Looking for documents

If you have trouble locating documents, such as the user manual, installation guide, license agreement or other common tools, try using the search field to find them quickly.


Document are stored where they are applicable. For example, installation drawings will be stored in the product's installation category.

Product feature overviews

If you want more information about a particular feature (for example, adding a hyperlink to your Span Workspace canvas, or turning on auto update in the Nureva Room Manager) the search field can bring you to your answers quickly.

Have a look at any of these articles for examples of feature overviews:


Keep an eye out for a video strip at the top of some category pages. We store our most popular videos there:

Articles with a symbol next to their title also have a video.

Dropdown lists

A    symbol next to a header means you can click the header to see more information.

Try it here

A dropdown field can conceal text, bullets, images and more. We use them so you can skim through the articles and only see what you need.

Bottom of page

Great, you've reached the end of the page. While you're here, scroll a bit lower to see the "Related questions" articles. These might help you figure out your next steps to discovering your Nureva system.

Return to the top of the page whenever you're ready.

Last updated: September 5, 2018

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